Current Consultations

Feedback Deadline

  • Complementary/Alternative Medicine

  • Delegation of Controlled Acts

Closed Consultations

Feedback Deadline

  • Continuity of Care

  • Disclosure of Harm

  • Joint Consultation on Three Policies

  • Closing a Medical Practice

  • Prescribing Drugs

  • Medical Records

  • Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries and Preventing Sexual Abuse

  • Ensuring Competence: Changing Scope of Practice and/or Re-entering Practice

  • Public Health Emergencies

  • Proposed changes to the IHF Clinical Practice Parameters for Diagnostic Imaging

  • Confidentiality of Personal Health Information

  • Uninsured Services: Billing and Block Fees

  • Proposed Regulation Change: College Oversight of Fertility Services

  • Ending the Physician-Patient Relationship

  • Accepting New Patients

  • Applying the OHPIP Standards in Fertility Services Premises