Positions & Initiatives

We have developed a number of position statements on issues impacting self-regulation and the practice of medicine in Ontario. These include the College’s perspective on the importance of working in collaboration with other health professionals to improve patient care; our commitment to working with the provincial government and other stakeholders to help ensure that the recruitment of international medical graduates occurs ethically; and our commitment to facilitating entry to medical practice for physicians who meet Ontario’s standards.

We have also created pages dedicated to specific initiatives undertaken by the College. These pages collect materials related to a particular subject, offering a single, comprehensive hub for information. The newest additions are “Transparency of Physician-Specific Information” and “Preventing and Dealing with Sexual Abuse.” While supporting patients has always been a top priority, we are taking further steps to be more accountable to the public and ensure patient protection.

In 2012, the College began to review how we could make more physician-specific and process information available to the public to augment information about discipline hearings and decisions already available online. The “Transparency of Physician-Specific Information” page outlines the principles used to guide these discussions. It also lists the information we’ve added to our public register to help patients make informed choices about physicians, and provides supplementary information, including a report to the Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care regarding our initiative.

The College’s mandate to protect the public includes taking steps to guard patients from sexual abuse by physicians. In 2015, the CPSO’s Council approved a series of steps to increase protection of patients from sexual abuse and to ensure their voices are heard within the College’s investigations and discipline processes. The “Preventing and Dealing with Sexual Abuse” page details the recommendations made by our Council to strengthen the sexual abuse provisions in our governing legislation, and augment information and resources on sexual abuse for the public. It also sets out the positive changes that have already occurred since the release of the 1991 Task Force Report commissioned by the College; as well as links to relevant CPSO policies, articles published in our quarterly magazine Dialogue, and other information related to our work preventing and dealing with sexual abuse.