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Find out more about medical regulation in Ontario and the College’s role

Practice Guide CoverLearn about the guiding principles of the medical profession in Ontario

The Practice Guide articulates the values of the medical profession – compassion, service, altruism, and trustworthiness – which provide the foundation for the practice of medicine. The values, principles and duties outlined in the Practice Guide provide broad guidance to the profession with links to resources for detailed information.

policy imageLook at College policies and the policy development and review process

Policies provide specific guidance to physicians. The College develops policy to address issues that have broad application to either physicians or the public, to respond to an emerging or existing problem, and to fulfill our regulatory or public interest role.

Participate in the consultation process

Consultations on new or revised policies or issues under consideration are posted on our website so that members of the public and the profession can provide feedback.

Find out about College positions and initiatives

Positions and Initiatives includes our position statements on issues impacting self-regulation and the practice of medicine in Ontario, and link you to the latest information on College initiatives.

Review clinical practice guidelines and other information for physicians

Clinical Practice Guidelines are developed or facilitated by the College.

Review our legislative framework

Legislation and By-Laws set out the role of the College and its authority and powers.

Learn about the complaints process

One important responsibility of the College is to respond to concerns and to investigate complaints from members of the public about Ontario doctors.

Funding for therapy and counselling provides information for patients whom a physician has sexually abused. 


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