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Wales, Roger Cyril

CPSO#: 24849

Revoked: Discipline Committee as of 03 Aug 2017
None as of 22 May 2012


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Former Name: No Former Name

Gender: Male

Languages Spoken: English, French

Education:University of London, 1961

Practice Information

Primary Location of Practice
Practice Address Not Available


Specialty Issued On Type
No Speciality Reported

Registration History

Action Issue Date
First certificate of registration issued: Independent Practice Certificate Effective: 14 Jul 1972
Expired: Failure to Renew Membership Expiry: 15 Aug 1988
Subsequent certificate of registration Issued: Independent Practice Certificate Effective: 15 Sep 1988
Transfer of class of certificate to: Restricted certificate Effective: 22 May 2012
Terms and conditions imposed on certificate Effective: 22 May 2012
Revoked: Discipline Committee. Effective: 03 Aug 2017

Previous Hearings

Committee: Discipline
Decision Date: 14 Jan 2015

On January 14, 2015, the Discipline Committee found that Dr. Roger Cyril Wales committed an 
act of professional misconduct, in that he failed to maintain the standard of practice of the 
profession. The Committee also found that Dr. Wales is incompetent. 
Dr. Wales is a General Practitioner (GP) refractionist in solo practice in the Kingston area. 
The findings of professional misconduct and incompetence pertain to the following areas of Dr. 
Wales’ practice: 
-   is  eas ri   i tra c lar  pressure by touching the eye with his finger (finger tonometry) 
   instead of using an applanation tonometer to measure numerically; 
-   is  ail re t   eas re i tra c lar  pressure in certain age groups (under 40); 
-  his failure to dilate pupils to look at the fundus/posterior eye; and 
-   is  ail re t   se c cl ple ia  in children to obtain proper refraction.  
Dr. Wales’ de icie cies i   is care a d treat e t    patie ts de   strated a lack    k  wled e, 
skill, and judgment of such a nature and to an extent that he is unfit to continue to practise or that 
his practice should be restricted. The Committee found that the deficiencies Dr. Wales displays 
are current. 
The Discipline Committee ordered and directed that: 
-  t e Re istrar rev ke Dr. Wales’ certi icate    re istrati   effective immediately; 
-  Dr. Wales appear before the Committee to be reprimanded within thirty (30) days of the date 
   this Order becomes final; and 
-  Dr. Wales pay costs to the College in the amount of $23,340.00 within thirty (30) days of the 
   date this Order becomes final. 
On February 11, 2015 and September 1, 2017, Dr. Wales appealed the decision on finding and 
the decision on penalty of the Discipline Committee to the Superior Court of Justice (Divisional 
Court). Pursuant to s.71 of the Health Professions Procedural Code, the Discipline Com ittee’s 
decision remained in effect despite the appeal. On September 6, 2018, the Divisional Court 
dismissed for delay the appeal, with costs fixed at $750.00.

Decision: Download Full Decision (PDF)
Appeal: Notice of Appeal
Hearing Date(s): Hearing dates: January 27-31, 2014 Penalty Hearing dates: April 24, 26, 27, 2017 Reprimand: June 21, 2019 at 12:30 p.m.