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Mallipatna, Ashwin Chandrasekhara

CPSO#: 87116

Active Member as of 09 Jan 2020
30 Jun 2022
Restricted as of 09 Jan 2020


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Former Name: Ashwin, Mallipatna Chandrasekhara (used until: 12 Sep 2019 )

Gender: Male

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil

Education:St. John's Medical College, 2000

Practice Information

Primary Location of Practice
The Hospital for Sick Children
Dept of Ophthalmology & Vision Sci.
555 University Ave
Toronto ON  M5G 1X8
Phone: 416-813-7403 Electoral District: 10

Medical Licences in Other Jurisdictions

Effective September 1, 2015, the College by-laws require the College to indicate on the register if the member has a licence or is registered to practise medicine in a jurisdiction outside Ontario, if this is known to the College.



Specialty Issued On Type
Ophthalmology Effective:09 Jan 2020 CPSO Recognized Specialist

Postgraduate Training

Please note: This information may not be a complete record of postgraduate training.

University of Toronto, 01 Jul 2007 to 22 Sep 2007
PEAP - CF - Ophthalmology

University of Toronto, 23 Sep 2007 to 30 Jun 2008
CF - Ophthalmology

University of Toronto, 01 Jul 2008 to 30 Jun 2009
CF - Ophthalmology

Registration History

Action Issue Date
First certificate of registration issued: Pre Entry Assessment Program Certificate Effective: 01 Jul 2007
Transfer of class of registration to: Postgraduate Education Certificate Effective: 23 Sep 2007
Expired: Terms and conditions of certificate of registration Expiry: 30 Jun 2009
Subsequent certificate of registration issued: Restricted certificate Effective: 09 Jan 2020
Expiry date attached to certificate of registration. Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2022

Practice Restrictions

Imposed By Effective Date Expiry Date Status
Registration Committee Effective: 01 Mar 2021 Active
 1.    Dr. Ashwin Chandrasekhara Mallipatna may practise medicine only,

                  (i)   in  a  setting  that  is  approved  by  the  Chair,  Department  of
                        Ophthalmology  and Vision Sciences, University of Toronto, in which
                        Dr.  Mallipatna holds  an  academic  appointment  at  the  rank  of
                        Assistant Professor, and
                  (ii)  in accordance with the requirements of his academic appointment.
            2.    The certificate  of  registration  automatically expires seven years from
                  the date of issuance or when Dr. Mallipatna  no longer holds the academic
                  appointment in accordance with clause 1, whichever comes first.

            3.    The certificate of registration automatically  expires upon the following
                  events, unless the Registration Committee renews  the certificate with or
                  without additional or other terms, conditions and limitations:

                  (i)   the  College  receives  a report indicating that  Dr.  Mallipatna's
                        clinical  performance,  knowledge,  skill,  judgment,  professional
                        conduct, or academic progress is unsatisfactory, or
                  (ii)  the Committee does not receive  an  annual  report  or  receives  a
                        report that is unsatisfactory in form or content, or
                  (iii) when   the  Committee  makes  a  decision  about  Dr.  Mallipatna's
                        certificate   of   registration,  following  consideration  of  the
                        practice assessment report. 
            Note: This certificate is issued on January 9, 2020, and expires on June 30, 2022. Upon renewal of Dr. Mallipatna's academic appointment at the University of Toronto, the expiry date can be extended, subject to the limitations in paragraphs 2 and 3 above.