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Grosser, Norman

CPSO#: 22724

Active Member as of 11 Apr 1986
Restricted as of 11 Apr 1986


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Former Name: No Former Name

Gender: Male

Languages Spoken: English

Education: University of Toronto, 1969

Practice Information

Primary Location of Practice
Evans Occupational Health Clinic
233 Evans Ave.
Toronto ON  M8Z 1J6
Phone: (905) 526-9744 Ext. 1280
Fax: 905-522-0425 Electoral District: 10

Additional Practice Location(s)

MCI The Doctor's Office
Thornhill Square
300 John Street
Unit 203
Thornhill ON  L3T5W4
Phone: 905-764-0188
Fax: 905-764-0189
County: Regional Municipality of York
Electoral District: 05

Professional Corporation Information

Corporation Name: Norman Grosser Medicine Professional Corporation
Certificate of Authorization Status: Issued Date:  Oct 28 2009

Dr. N. Grosser ( CPSO# 22724 )
Dr. E. Grosser ( CPSO# 78031 )

Business Address:
130 Wilson Street
Hamilton ON  M8R 1E2

Business Address:
233 Evans Avenue
Toronto ON  M8Z 1J6
Phone Number: (416) 252-5885

Business Address:
MCI - The Doctors Office
Suite 203
300 John Street
Richmond Hill ON  L3T 5W3
Phone Number: (905) 764-0188


Specialty Issued On Type
No Speciality Reported

Registration History

Action Issue Date
First certificate of registration issued: Postgraduate Education Certificate Effective: 14 Jun 1969
Expired: Terms and conditions of certificate of registration Expiry: 13 Jun 1970
Subsequent certificate of registration Issued: Independent Practice Certificate Effective: 16 Jun 1970
Revoked: Discipline Committee. Effective: 18 Sep 1984
Subsequent certificate of registration issued: Restricted certificate Effective: 11 Apr 1986
Terms and conditions imposed on certificate by Discipline Committee Effective: 11 Apr 1986

Practice Restrictions

Imposed By Effective Date Expiry Date Status
Discipline Committee Effective: 11 Apr 1986 Active
             Terms, conditions and limitations effective April 11, 1986:

                  1.    (a)   Dr. Grosser is prohibited from prescribing narcotics.  This
                              restriction encompasses not only narcotics within the strict
                              meaning of the Narcotics Control Regulations, but also those
                              kinds of legally controlled drugs which Dr. Grosser had
                              improperly prescribed, and which resulted in the revocation
                              of his licence.  For clarification, the  following are
                              included as part of this prohibition: narcotics, narcotic
                              preparations, controlled drugs and controlled drug
                        (b)   With respect to the implementation of the Order against
                              prescribing narcotics, the Discipline Committee requires that
                              Dr. Grosser request the Director of the Bureau of Dangerous
                              Drugs of Health and Welfare Canada, in writing, that a notice
                              be given by the Minister of National Health and Welfare under
                              subclauses 60(a)(I) and (ii) of the Narcotic Control
                              Regulations and paragraph G.04.004.3(a) of the Food and Drug
                  2.    (a)   Dr. Grosser is to provide quarterly reports to the College,
                              satisfactory to the Registrar, from a senior professional
                              supervisor.  If any such report is not forthcoming, or is not
                              satisfactory to the Registrar, then Dr. Grosser is to be
                              prohibited from practising medicine until a report
                              satisfactory to the Registrar is received.  The senior
                              professional supervisor is to be a person acceptable to the
                        (b)   The first such report is to be delivered by 1 October 1986,
                              and quarterly thereafter for a two-year period.  To assist in
                              implementation, the Committee directs that if a report is not
                              received by the end of the month when it is due, or is not
                              satisfactory to the Registrar, the Registrar is so to notify
                              Dr. Grosser, whereupon Dr. Grosser is not to engage in the
                              practice of medicine until the Registrar has notified Dr.
                              Grosser that a report satisfactory to the Registrar has been
                  3.    Dr. Grosser is not to practise as an independent family
                        practitioner.  By this the Committee means that he is not to engage
                        in a solo practice.

Previous Hearings

Committee: Discipline
Decision Date: 18 Sep 1984

In September 1984, Dr. Grosser pleaded guilty to a charge of incompetence, as defined in s. 60(4) of the Health Disciplines Act, 1980, as amended, in that he displayed in his professional care of a patient a lack of knowledge, skill or judgment or disregard for the welfare of the patient of a nature or to an extent that demonstrates he is unfit to continue in practice. Dr. Grosser further pleaded guilty to a charge of professional misconduct, as defined in Ontario Regulation 448/80, as amended, in that he failed to maintain the records that are required to be kept respecting his patients, contrary to s. 27(3); in that he falsified a record in respect of the examination or treatment of a patient, contrary to s. 27(16); in that he failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession, contrary to s. 27(21); in that he made improper use of the authority to prescribe, sell or dispense a drug, including falsifying a record in respect of the prescription or sale of a drug, contrary to s. 27(26); and in that he engaged in conduct or an act relevant to the practice of medicine that, having regard to all the circumstances, would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional, contrary to s. 27(32). The Discipline Committee accepted these pleas, and found Dr. Grosser guilty of incompetence and professional misconduct. Consequently, the Committee ordered that Dr. Grosser(s licence to practice be revoked.

Appeal: No Appeal
Hearing Date(s): Sep 17, 1984

Application for Reinstatement  
Decision Date: 11 Apr 1986
Decision: Application Accepted