Quality Professionals, Healthy System, Public Trust

Our Strategic Plan

The Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has developed a strategic plan to establish College priorities, and has set four initiatives for 2015-2018. Our priorities and initiatives serve as a guide to action and focus our energies on attaining our new vision – Quality Professionals, Healthy System, Public Trust.

Strategic Priorities: 2015-2018 PDF

CPSO Strategic Framework: 2015 - 2018 PDF


Our Mandate

Build and maintain an effective system of self-governance.

The profession, through and with the College, has a duty to serve and protect the public interest by regulating the practice of the profession and governing in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act.


Our Vision Defined

Quality Professionals, Healthy System, Public Trust

Our new vision is the framework by which we organize ourselves.

It guides our thinking and actions into the future. It defines not only who we are, but what we stand for, the role we see for ourselves, our critical relationships, in what system we work, and the outcomes we seek.

Each component of our vision is defined below:

Quality Professionals - as a profession and as professionals, we recognize and acknowledge our role and responsibility in attaining at a personal, professional, and at a system-level, the best possible patient outcomes.

We are committed to developing and maintaining professional competencies, taking a leadership position on critical issues that impact the performance of the system, and actively partnering to provide tools, resources and measurement to ensure optimal performance at all levels of the system.

Healthy System - the trust and confidence of the public and our effectiveness as professionals is influenced by the system within which we operate. Therefore, we, as caring professionals, are actively involved in the design and function of an effective system including:

  • accessibility
  • the interdependence of all involved
  • measurements and outcomes
  • continued sustainability

Public Trust - as individual doctors garner the trust of their patients, as a profession we must aim to have the trust of the public by:

  • building positive relationships with individuals
  • acting in the interests of patients and communities
  • advocating for our patients and a quality system

Our Guiding Principles

Integrity, Accountability, Leadership and Cooperation

The public, through legislation, has empowered the profession to regulate itself through the College.

Central to the practice of medicine is the physician-patient relationship and the support of healthy communities. As the physician has responsibility to the patient, the profession has the responsibility to serve the public through the health-care system.

To fulfill our vision of quality professionals, healthy system, public trust we will work to enhance the health of the public guided by professional competence and the following principles:

Integrity – in what we do and how we go about fulfilling our core mandate:

  • Coherent alignment of goals, behaviours and outcomes;
  • Steadfast adherence to a high ethical standard.

Accountability to the public and profession – we will achieve this through:

  • An attitude of service;
  • Accepting responsibility;
  • Transparency of process;
  • Dedicated to improvement.

Leadership – leading by proactively regulating our profession, managing risk and serving the public.

Cooperation – seeking out and working with our partners – other health-care institutions, associations and medical schools, etc. – to ensure collaborative commitment, focus and shared resources for the common good of the profession and public.